Friday, June 11, 2010

Mail for My Daughter

I just realized that I signed up at Microworkers using only my daughter's name. Actually I was not that serious about that site till I found out that it is really proven a legit one. I knew it through other blogs, while reading their posts. So to the point where I reached $10 I decided withdrawing it and it says that I need to key in the PIN. The group sent me the PIN through my daughter's name and with not so much expectation the mail has still arrived safely with no blood scattered outside the envelop. lol! For the first time the mailman asked our neighbor the whereabouts of dhurianne (my 1 year old and 10 months baby) because she has a mail from someone. hahaha! Soon she'll replace my position in some of my other earning sites. lol!


  1. hahaha! that's cute sis! buti hindi name ng daughter ko inilagay ko.....

  2. Aliw naman! Your daughter can say in the future that she had earned her first dollars by the young age of 22 months!

  3. wow! that's cool! I'm also affliated with Microworkers though I havent reached the required $10 for payout. Hope I could also received my PIN soon after I reached $10!

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  4. Kayce- Oo nga sis buti nlang di ng name ng daughter mo ang ginamit mo or else marami na tau. hehehe.

    chubskulit- I think so, kasi sabi nya if she's in front of the computer she has a work...Nakakatawa nga daughter ko kasi ginagaya nya ako..hehehe

  5. nice nmn, how did microworkers work, i heard about it and don't know what it is? :)


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