Monday, June 7, 2010

My Saver's Pack for Stressful Life

To overcome stress is what usually busy people are doing. But what did you do to overcome it? Based on your own experienced, how did you handle stress? Stress has numerous causes and it is only a matter of how you gonna deal with it. In my case, to fight for that killer stress here is my saver's pack of Stresstabs that I bought with Php5 pesos off. Well, not bad. I am taking it everyday if I can't forget together with Myra-400E. So go go Stresstabs fight for my stress because I need to do lots of things tonight.


  1. Ang pangtanggl ko sa stress is blogging lol.

    Sis, please do join my giveaway, one more week pa naman..

  2. @Chubskulit- blogging is the one that makes me stress sis but it's okay I am enjoying it, I'll just take stresstabs for my stress.


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