Monday, June 28, 2010

Quick Update

I just realized that it was 3 days ago since I made my last post. Where I have been? I am still busy at home taking care of my kids and doing other offline errands. I am preparing also because our 2 maids will be leaving this week, so no more maids after that. I decided to stop hiring for a while because I want to see first if we can do the things without a help. These maids I got are a pain in my butt. They can't follow so simple instructions. They are on their 4th year level when they stopped and they both came from the mountain, so supposedly they should be hard working but why is it always sleeping in our home? Gosh, I don't hire them just to act like the sleeping beauty! Oh, too much for this as my is beating faster now. I need to stop it. By the way, thanks for your visit. I hope I could visit you back soon.

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