Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Lady Next Door

I have a neighbor around the village who has a Yamaha motorbike in color yellow. Its color is very bright like the rising sun. Anyway, no matter what color of motorbike she'll be driving it's none of my business. I am just a jealous neighbor who lives next door that who doesn't know how to drive. Sorry I'm just not brave as her to learn how to drive a motorbike. I am afraid of getting hurt when practicing so I will not really learn because of this feeling of mine. In some other part, that lady who owned the yellow motor is looking for motorcross accessories. I knew it through one of my neighbors when we had our chit chat yesterday. And news there is she'll be joining the upcoming motorcross to be held this coming week. All I can say about it is that she's really that brave! She has the nerve to participate in such dangerous competition.


  1. just enjoy for what you are doing. why don't you try first with a bicycle :)

  2. hehehe, mahirap talgang mag pratice to how to drive lalo na motorbike.. (but I know how to drive, lolz) it takes a lot of courage to that!! dapat talga brave ka Sis....
    Try mo muna sa bike, then madali naun.. balance lang... pero drive safely Sis huh!!!

    Happy Monday to you :)

  3. She is really brave. We both feel the same, we're scared. Good luck to her.


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