Monday, June 14, 2010

Your Pool Pumps Problems Can Be Repaired

The very first thing that you need to know about your pool pumps problems is that it may not even be like that it's broken at all. This is why you need to go through a check-list, before you even consider breaking out your tool kit.

Check Out Your Pool Pumps Power Supply

For instance, it's not running at all, it could be that it's not getting any electricity. Start out at the source and this would be the main breaker box. Give the switch a click off and back on then do the same at a secondary switch box if you have one.

Follow the Power Cord From Beginning to End

After having done that, try following the power cord if it's exposed. Maybe it got ran over by a lawn mower or it could just have some type of defect in it. A good test is to find something like an electrical drill that you can plug in to give it a test.

Is it Running But not Sending Water?

If the power all checks out and the pump still isn't running, then you'll need to remove it and break it down. However; if the pump is running and your not getting any water flow, there' another checklist that you need to go through.

Check to See if Your Filter is Clogged Up

Check the pumps screen and also the pool filter. If your filter hasn't been cleaned in a while then that could be your problem, if it's clogged with debris. Another thing to check is the water inlet ports. Kids could have stuff something inside of them.

Make Sure You Shut Off the Electricity

Now before you break out your tools and begin removing any pool pumps, you need to make sure to shut off the power at the breaker box, so you don't get shocked. Make sure that you turn of the correct switch too because this is an easy mistake to make.

With all of these things kept in mind, hopefully you'll be able to enjoy your above ground pool without any problem.

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  1. among pool for andrea is portable man so wala ko problema hehehe buhot buhot lang lol


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