Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bottled Ink From CD-R King

I am an avid shopper of CR-D King even though I spend almost 1 hour in falling in line every time I'll buy something. I don't like their system but since they're selling very cheap computer stuff and some other things I have no choice except to wait for my turn. I don't have the pic right now of people falling in line while taking orders so I'll just try my best to take one next time.

Anyway, the last time I visited CD-R King I bought ink to refill my empty HP cartridges at home. Genuine ink is expensive so I didn't hesitate to get these stuffs, black and colored ones. So right after I refilled my cartridges I tried its printing performance and I'd say to myself that although the stuffs are cheap but so far they're so good.

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  1. hello nice post and blog ,,,did they sell reffillable cartridges also for epson sytlus T10??? hh tanong lang thanks in advanced


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