Saturday, December 27, 2008

8 Simple Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Are you one one of a kind who is aiming for traffic? If you do, why not try these steps below?

When I started joining in blogging I really don't care about traffic and it's also because i don't know about what traffic is and how to achieve it. Everything is just for fun for me when I started this till I know and realized that we can earn something from this simple thing. So why don't you start earning like anybody else?

In order to earn we need traffic and here are some simple ways for you to do:

  • Submit your blog to Search Engine- example Google, Yahoo, MSN and a lot more.
  • Submit your blog to different blog directories.
  • Leave comments on other blogs
  • Put your blog URL in forum signatures
  • Submit your articles to articles directories
  • Write a good post.



  1. RE:
    Submit your blog to different blog directories.
    Submit your articles to articles directories

    The backlinks from blog directories should be combined with the backlinks from the articles submitted to article directories (on topics closely related to your blog's most important keywords).

    A properly developed backlink program will deliver far more targeted traffic to your blog due to its impact on the search engines than due to the actual directory links themselves.

    I maintain a list of The Top 101 Blog Directories & RSS Submission Sites on my blog at:

    Blog Directories

    Since I update this list weekly there are now 369 entries listed with NO DEAD LINKS.)

    Try to submit to 3-5 directories PER DAY. This discipline will pay big dividends over the long run.

    If you find value in this blog directory list, please link to it in your "Linky Linky" section.

    Best of success,

    Robert A. Kearse

  2. Submit your posts to DIGG and Stumble Upon. Create a Twitter account, a MySpace account and a Facebook account.

  3. You forgot entrecard! I have seen great results from using entrecard and commenting the blogs that I drop on!

  4. @ all commentators- thanks for sharing your knowledge by posting it here. I really appreciate it guys.

    God Bless!

  5. I do not know how to create backlink. How?

  6. wishing you good luck and good wishes for 2009. happy new year.


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