Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Adgitize Ad Has Expired

My Adgitize ad has expired just today. I won't be renewing it unless I'll receive my payment from the network. So far I am satisfied with the result of my last advertisement, even though just few cents returned to me as their advertiser and at the same time publisher but it's okay. For the last month I noticed that no matter how hard I tried to surpass the 1 month ad price to pay for the following month ad exposure but still I failed. Grrrr...So I have to add another few bucks from my pocket. I hope adgitize will pay today because it's already 8th of the month and I can't wait to renew my ad again. Hmmm. over excited? lol!


  1. Dako siguro ka earnings sis no ky kugihanmn ka mo adgi. akoa 13 bucks ra wa kabawi sa ads but sge lng

  2. hey..they just released the payouts yesterday. I received mine for almost $20.

  3. Sa kadku sis wala ko kdawat ug bayad for 2 months.. hehehe. Maypa imo kay miabot sa minimum threshold ako wa jud tawon.

    Ty sa pglabay ha? au-au


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