Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Capturing the Beauty of the Night

When I got home from the supermarket I was amazed with the beauty of the clouds surrounded to the moon few nights ago. The sky looks so great and really it catches my attention and I can't resist to get my camera upstairs and take some shots. Unfortunately, these photos below are the result of what I took. The moon is surrounded by a nice color clouds but why I can't find that nice color here in my photos?

my first attempt

In here the moon is a little bit fine but it's surrounded by a dark color. So where is the nice color of the sky that I saw? Is this because of the camera? or the sky is just very far for my camera to capture? lol! So those are just some few questions of an amateur like me who loves capturing the beauty of the night.


  1. i think dahil lang po sa camera...
    oh dahil sobrang gabi na po....
    pero ok naman po ang kuha mo po...

  2. WOw ganda nmn ng captured mo girl, I used to watch full moon in our window, actually I just did it last night..I thought moon is very amazing creation of God..Have a nice day and visit my blog if you have time..

  3. what type of camera were u using when you took this picture. maybe it was just out of focus :)

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  5. @All About my Life- ty for the visit and leave your words here. Maybe it's because of the digicam that I have or the time I captured that image, medyo late na.

  6. @Shy- Hello shy, I'm glad to hear from you again sis. Yes the moon is really a good creation of God. I also love looking on that creation together with my children and I keep telling them oh the mmmm-m-o-o-o-n!

  7. @Baretto- Yeah I think that could be the reason why. Actually I don't know how to focus my camera. I'm still learning its features because my own cam was destroyed already.

  8. Sis, aju kapa nindot ang pagkuha ...unya nabuo jud sya ako b4 nag try agoy perting gamaya man pag abot sa akong cam..hehehe!wla cguro ko kamao ni adjust heheh...

    This one is nice...


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