Friday, June 4, 2010

My Texting Lil One

There she is, busy texting her friends using the maid's phone. She's a phone addict like the owner of the phone she's holding on. She broke the casing of my phone and not only that our plates, glasses and a lot more. Oh my baby, she's a breaker. I already warned the housemaid not to show her phone to my kids but because stubborn too so I told her it's not my problem anymore once my kids break her stuff.


  1. How old is your daughter sis? Text addict na pala sya hehehe..

  2. Asa ni nga beach sistah, ka very white sa sand. Mura ug korek imung anak, naa na siguro na siya jowa hehehe jok lang.

  3. @David- thanks for the comment and the drop.

    @Chubskulit- My daughter is 1 year and 10 months. Ty for the drop sistah it's very much appreciated.

    @Shydub- Sa Mactan Shrine ni sis, the place where Magellan was killed by your friend Lapu-lapu..hehehe


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