Friday, February 12, 2010

Plan of Getting New Mailbox

The house is almost done. We are now on the painting process and other things will follow soon. After those busy times I spent with the unit it seems I can breathe now properly. Before it seems so hard because of the mountains I am climbing on. This coming Monday is our schedule in moving. Although there's no front gate yet but it does not affect our plan to move. Hubby is keep on asking me if I am excited in moving and I answered him of course I am because aside from it is our own unit our kids will be in another environment, so new neighbors and new friends too.

Yesterday I talked to the welder the one who contracted our windows and railings. I asked him a quote regarding the commercial mailboxes because soon I want to get one together with the gate. I do budgeting so I really need to know as early as possible. While talking to the welder I asked him if he tried making cluster mailboxes. Guess what he answered? He already have ready made as well as the apartment mailboxes. Based on what he told me I think I have to take a look at those designs first before designing my own because maybe he already made the one I like to get soon.

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