Friday, February 26, 2010

Why Skaters Don't Get Dizzy?

What do you think is the answer with this simple question guys "Why skaters don't get dizzy after spinning over and over again"? Before I haven't read yet the article telling why about it I was wondering and thinking if there's something miracle but there is nothing actually.

Based on the article I have read:
Former National skating champion Shane Douglas said the key to getting over dizziness is to keep skating. "What we tell our students is keep spinning," said Douglas. "The more you do, the less dizzy you get." Douglas said it could take skaters about a year to get used to the dizziness.

So, skaters initially get dizzy, but then it becomes second nature.

Tips: Techniques for initially dealing with the dizziness include staring at a fixed point, closing your eyes, and concentrating on something else.

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