Sunday, February 14, 2010

Had Moved Finally

After the trials we've been through from the previous months finally we reached our main goal which is to move. We woke up early this morning to start moving our things from one place to our new destination. I was sleepless for many nights packing our things because of no time doing it during the day. My next thing to do is go to the Smart Wireless Center to apply for a relocation which is supposed to be done before moving, but due to some important matters I wasn't able to do it. Anyway it's okay I'll just go to the internet cafe nearby to do my blogging things. I am so sorry guys if I have not visit you back for the past weeks and in the coming days till I have my internet connection. I know I owe you lot of visits but I hope you understand. I'll promise to visit you as soon as have the internet at home.

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