Friday, February 5, 2010

Home Lighting Needs

We are almost done with the home repair. Soon I'll need home lighting to lighten our little humble place once we move. I want to get the cheap one with quality home lighting stuff to match our place. At first I don't know where to get those but a friend of mine called me last night and gave me the details because in the coming few days I'll be buying those home lighting staff. It seems I need more than 5 lovely designs excluding for our terrace. So wish me luck guys not to give me hard times finding the one I like because I have no more time to shop preparing our things for the very awaiting moment which is to move.

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  1. hi sis thank you doon sa code ns binigay mo. i appreaciate it so much. di ko pa nagagawa. syadong busy. visit lang muna and pindot.


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