Friday, February 26, 2010

I Want New Planters for the New Place

I had plenty of planters planted with palm trees when we were living at the old apartment. I intentionally planted those outdoor planters with palm trees to add more shades outside our place. We know plants really can be trusted when it comes to adding shades. Since we finally moved in here in our new place I want an adorable decorative planter to be put in our small living room. I just don't have the chance to look before because of the very hectic schedules I had. But now that I'm very free for sure planters will enter to our new place.

For outside our house I am planning of planting vegetables. Although we have a very small area outside but still my eagerness to plant is still in my heart. All I need to do is find ways to be able to plant because I know that planters will help me organize the place.

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