Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Little Time to Shop

Few steps away till Valentine's Day. I am almost run out of time to shop for hubby's Valentine's gift. Although we are miles apart again this month of hearts but it is just fine with me as long as I can hear his voice and can give him presents to show my love for him. I already got the greetings card so early last month but I am late this time to purchase my presents. The reason of this is because of my very hectic schedule from our recent project, doing home chores, taking care of our kids and also looking for a part time job. Aside from blogging I want to earn some extra cash so I can also purchase some unnecessary things that I want to buy for myself.

So for the gift I simply want to buy for him a jacket. Hubby has jackets but I just want to give him one. In the image is what I like because it is waterproof 5000mm, of course it is machine washable and fully breathable. I hope hubby would like it. Regarding the size no worries because it belongs to the large size clothing in the place where I found it so I'm sure it will fit on his body. By the way I found it online just in case you'll also want to buy.

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