Sunday, September 27, 2009

Yehey, This is My 505th Post

Wooh! I'm very glad I surpassed number 500 just few days ago. This one is the 505th post which I never expected to reach this number. I thought I'm always good only in the beginning because the usual thing in my life is I always love to start a new things but once I'm bored I'll just leave without any thought. Honestly I love writing, this is the way I can express if what's in my deepest heart and lungs. Whether you like it or not I love to write although my grammar is not good like other good writers out there but still I want to pursue. Sorry guys, I'm not a native English speaker so just try to understand my mistakes.

Actually this blog of mine will be turning 1 year 8 days from now. So what I want to say to all of you is thank you very much for your continuous support. I remember few days from the time I started this blog I started blog hopping right away to promote my blog to other blogs by simply leaving my link on their chat box, but I failed because I don't know how to use the chat! Yes honestly I don't know. I just asked myself how come others were able to leave their links. I was too shy to ask anyone also but still I keep on trying and trying until I made it and reach this journey. Hopefully I have more blogging years to come despite of my busy days at home with my 2 little children.



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