Thursday, September 17, 2009

Causes of Hair Loss and How Provillus Can Help

Many of us are afflicted with weak, thinning hair, or hair that easily falls out. Men and women alike suffer from this condition. They may have tried many different over-the-counter products to alleviate the problem, but unless they have tried Provillus, it is likely the results have been less than satisfactory.

Until you know what causes hair loss and how Provillus treats these underlying conditions, you may never be successful at growing your hair. Take a look at the reasons why humans lose their hair, and how Provillus addresses them.


For the most part, hair loss is associated with your genetic makeup. Particularly for men, androgenetic alopecia is a common problem that affects the ability of your hair follicles to continue producing hair. Female pattern baldness is also a genetic condition.

Provillus works by effectively treating the root of the problem – the hair follicles and lack of DHT. With a combination of Vitamin B6, saw palmetto, and pumpkin seed extract, these powerful, natural ingredients in Provillus help strengthen the existing hair and slow production of DHT.

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