Tuesday, September 8, 2009

09/09/09 is What?

This is my first time posting here dated with the same numbers. I missed last year's 08/08/08 because I wasn't started blogging at that time yet. On your part 09/09/09 is what? Is it appealing special to you? Some people think that today is a very lucky day same thing to what blessings they received last year with the same numbers.

I have read different myths about this the same numbers. In fact I was also kinda obsessed before in doing calculation with the lucky numbers of hoping to be lucky in life. Well, I think we are all lucky even though we encountered difficulties in life. We are still lucky because our creator has given us the chance to experience to be here on earth and witnessed if what really life is. Just a simple thought, for everyday to make life lucky and special, simply do the best you can, learn to appreciate life and cherish it at all times.


  1. love this thought! wish you luck!

  2. @Santhy- hello sis, ty for dropping by in my blog.

    Happy Sunday!


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