Monday, September 28, 2009

Women's Obsession

Buying different types of shoes is one of women's obsession that they pretty much enjoyed doing. Well, you can count me in. I love shoes shopping and that is where I spent most of my money given by hubby. If you noticed the women's boots in the pictures, those are just samples of boots that I'm going to get next time. Aren't they look beautiful?

How about you? Do you have that kind of obsession? Obsessed with this material thing? If you want to shop anytime soon to show your obsession just go visit Online retailer, a Google friendly website.


  1. Jov, type nako ng 1st pic na boots..hehe

  2. na ako basta shoes and purse go jud ko!

  3. OMG! thanks for posting this. i love shoes!=)

  4. Hello!!Was here today to visit you back..Have a wonderful day to you..God Bless!!

  5. Great shoes! I like the boats very cute.

  6. I too love to see different shoes. We all knew that we love it so much. ~~Dining Tables


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