Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thanks to My Followers

When I looked at my followers today I noticed that I have 110 followers already. Honestly guys I don't know if what are the advantages we can get if we have many followers. Does anyone knows and willing to explain it to me? I started blogging since last year but until now I'm still blind about it. So your answer is very much appreciated and I would like to say thanks to my followers. More Power to All!


  1. hello. i've followed your blog a long time ago. but that was my other google account. your number 111th follower is again me with my other google account.

    hmmm. why people follow your blog? because they (we) like you and we consider you as a friend.

    hope your number of followers will even grow a lot bigger!

    maxi of:

  2. @Maxi- Hi sis, thanks so much for following my blog and for your words you left here. I appreciate it a lot sis. And Considering me as a friend is such a big honor.


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