Thursday, September 17, 2009

Entrecard's Another Strategy

Hello ladies and gentlemen, how's your day? Mine was great. We spend it at the beach with the whole family. When we got home I checked my e-mail right away as it's the first thing I usually do every time I'll open the computer. I got a new mail from Entrecard and the content below is the information.

Hi Entrecarders!

We are excited to launch our new "Referral program!" From now on, you will earn 300 credits for referring new users to join Entrecard. They must be a new user (linked blogs do not count) and must be active for 14 days before the referral credits are given. The referral code is automatically attached to the "get one" link on your widget. We will also provide you with referral banners if you would like to market the referral program on your blog. Just login to your dashboard and click on "Referral Program" to use the banner links. Any new users that you refer will be listed in your dashboard under "Referrals".

I seldom post here on my blog about Entrecard issues but this time this email really catches my attention. I have a critic about it but I think it is good to keep it for the meantime and let it ripe for a while. Anyway, let me ask you guys, are you happy about this entrecard's another strategy?

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