Sunday, September 13, 2009

America's Top 3 Deadliest Jobs

There are many jobless people walking down the road right now struggling the crisis that we are facing these days, but despite of all those hardships in life we need to move on and continue to fight in order to survive. To earn is the main reason why we need a job. As much as possible we want a high earning job so we can provide our family a good life. But the question is, how can we attain our main goal if we don't have a high earning job or shall we say a good job that we can consider nowadays? How hard the job is, it doesn't matter anymore to some people as long as it's a descent job. Speaking of jobs here are the top 3 deadliest jobs in America.

1. Fishers and Related Fishing Workers

2. Logging Workers

3. Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers

So guys among those top 3 mentioned above which one is yours?

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  1. I'm lucky my career is not directed to those jobs. Hehe. Ate, link exchange tau :D


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