Monday, September 21, 2009

Here We Go Again

We have been renting for almost 2 years here in the apartment where we are living right now. The owner let it rent to us in a lower price because I was the one who paid some renovations before moving in. I thought everything will be fine after the renovations performed but few months after we encountered major problems like the plumbing and the roof. The developer on this project were using only small pipes in all the areas where it is applicable and for the roof it is not done properly because the water from the roof itself will pass through till to the ground floor every time it rains.

I reported those problems to the owner and so far he send people over to repair but still they didn't able to do it right because until now we still encountering those problems. I need a good plumber and a good carpenter to repair those things but why the owner can't send those guys here? Oh geezzz... It's really a hassle to us. Hopefully the owner can find the right workers soon.

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