Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Inconsiderate Maid

Few months ago I posted here about my maid who went home without my consent. She just left a note telling me that If I only allow her to have a Christmas vacation she will not do it. See? She blamed me. Few weeks after I found a replacement to the one who left and the new one left also the house just today for after 2 months working with us, and she said she is tired of working especially feeding my son. Well, I can't blamed her if she felt that way, I asked her a favor to give me time to find a replacement but just today she decided to leave whether if it's fine with me or not. And guess where she transferred? She transferred to my neighbor who played very loud music every time he is riding on his motorbike without considering the people surround him if bothered or not. All I can say is the employer and the employee are alike. I think good for them to stay together in one roof. What do you think?

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  1. Some workers are really like that...cguro mas mkachismis sya sa imong silingan sis..screw her and yes she is very inconsiderate or maybe she is just lazy... Ako gani i encountered a maid who neglects her work just to watch tv with me in the living room..hmmp the nerve..but i never said any bitchy words to her. I only told her "i will not be needing her end of Feb. I can do the job of my own by that more school stuffs to do" Now we don't have maid..i work better than my maid actually..coz i clean my house with my heart on it..mas limpyo.. hehehe I got a tag for you by the way..grab it sis..magenjoy ka...just follow what is being said on the tag.. here is the link


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