Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Adgitize is an advertising network that according to them an a affordable one. I joined to become as their publisher last year month of December 2008. As hoping to earn I joined and I'm very curious how they calculate their publishers daily points. They don't put their formula in how it is done. From the time I registered until now I did not received yet any payment from them. In order to do so as publisher needs to reach first their minimum payout of $10 if I am not mistaken. March is now approaching so 3 months since I joined. To make this story short I want to reach that $10 but I don't know how. I already tried everything but still earn daily like around $.05-$.08 a day. How about you guys how much did you earn from Adgitize? If your not a member yet just click the banner above that indicates the total ad views.

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