Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bidvertiser: Payment from Check to Paypal

When I signed up in Bidvertiser I selected Check as a mode of payment. In order to receive a payment by check, as part of their rule publisher must reach the minimum account of $50 and if through Paypal the minimum is $10. Every time I checked my account it seems it is very hard to reach $50 in order to receive a payment from this network, maybe for me it will take a year. lol!

Yesterday, I decided to change my mode of payment from check to paypal. As a procedure I click Account Management then edit profile. In my profile I simply change check to paypal then I key in my password then click update. But why is it that still will go back to check? I tried to change it many times but still the same. Have you encountered also the same problem as mine? If so, what did you do?


  1. well, i guess you should stop using bidvertiser...I tried it before but it seems that my earnings are not moving... Well, there many other networks better than bidvertiser....Aside from google adsense, chitika.com is ok...you can also try clicksor.com...well, you can use paypal as mode of payment with these networks.. :)

  2. HEeheh! Ces't la viE..pErhaPs Soon..DrOpping by!>...iToo Do have low earnings in Bid,,,aheheh!


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