Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chowking Staff Preparing the Halo-Halo

I went out last Friday to get my newly opened atm card from Metrobank but I did not able to get it because of some reason and I hate it remembering. I was in a hurry and always in hurry if going to the outside world. I'm very slow, ever. So slow to get dressed, so slow to prepare everything so if I need to catch some appointment in a certain time I don't have time to eat anymore because I need to be hurry to reach the time. Oh yes, I'm that type of person who is always chasing the time. So enough for that as of now, I left the house with empty stomach so I dropped by at Chowking to eat. While waiting for my order this photo below is the result of what I did. I was really observing this chowking staff getting ice from the ice box because he'll be making halo-halo. That size he's handling is the petite size. You will notice that the bowl is full already, but that's only the ice huh no other ingredients yet. The bowl is full of ice..hehehe

So guys make a call now and order your halo-halo.

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