Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Phone is Now Repaired

These past few days my son was keep on playing my cellphone. After he gets bored I'll just noticed that the phone is already under the table or anywhere inside the house because he dropped it. Of course the phone was divided. If the phone can only talk maybe it's begging because he is hurt. My son loves to talk over the phone although he's still in the learning to talk process. Every time I am talking to the phone he wants to grab it and wants to say "Hello". So, yesterday while I was texting I was wondering because when I press 9 unfortunately 4 was displayed and when I press 4 the number displayed is 9. Hahaha! It is really weird! Have you tried having a phone like this? Hahaha! it is unique and you can only find it at Nokia. Well, I'll not tell you the model. But...Uhmmm.. You can try to make a guess. Anyway, I went to the technician already before it will get worst and now luckily it is now back to normal. My phone is now repaired. Yehey! I don't need to buy a new one!

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