Thursday, June 18, 2009 a Bad Paying Site!

I am posting it here because of the bad experienced that I encountered from this site. I joined here last year and got only 2 opportunities from them. This site is very particular in having your own domain. I don't have my own domain so I couldn't blame them for having only less opportunities to write. Anyway, for those 2 reviews I wrote on March until now it is not yet been paid. Too bad!!!Of all the sites I have joined they are only one who is not paying me. Maybe they are thinking that I am writing those things for free? How come? I already contacted the support section and so far they responded on my problem and telling me this.

Since I got this response of course I was really hoping to received my 9.25 bucks. The amount is not that big but you know my fellow bloggers that it is money not just a scrap paper. June 16 is now over but here I am not yet been paid. When I checked their site again today June 16 has been moved to July 1, 2009. Hahaha what a big joke! Supposed to be they will pay the bloggers every 15 days after the post has been approved if I am not mistaken, but what happened now? They have a sudden change in my case? What a big joke they created!


  1. I will be sure to steer clear of this site. What a joke that they keep postponing your payment. It might be a small amount but every little bit of money helps out.

  2. Sis, sad kaau ko aning imung na experienced dire sa SR, pero ako kalooy sa Dios nabayaran man ug tarong nila. Email lang upos sila sis... ayaw i-stop hahaha! hope mabayaran ka sis.

  3. hello........
    you said so, very clear!..I don't have domain but I did a lot of reviews before ..NO PAYMENTS EVEN SINGLE CENTAVO... AT ALL!!!.they still sending me opprtunities now but I'm just ignoring it , what for.. to crackin' my head for those write ups in FREE of charge? ...abaw!gina-swerte na cla.I can eat 3X a day without reviews...hihihihi.meron isa pa dyan na site- di rin ga-bayad.

  4. Oh, too bad.. On the contrary, I got my payments from the site. I hope mabayaran ka na nila.

  5. @Anne & madz- Sistahs I'm glad na nbyaran kayo. If di nla ako byaran ay bahala na sila sa buhay nila. I'll just stop writing from that site. I don't want to waste my time anymore writing for them. Npakswerte nman nila if I'll write for them just for free. Wala na nga akong time sa kaiisip kung ano isusulat ko tapos eto pa ang mapapala ko.. hahaha! I just want to say goodbye Antiox!!!

  6. @vhingF- Oo nga npakswerte nman nila. Ano sila Hello???


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