Sunday, June 28, 2009

Caller Wiki

Receiving stranger's call at your own phone is really annoying. I think nobody would be glad if experiencing this way. I experienced this one before and I personally found it very irritating, sometimes I just turned off my off my phone to avoid them and to avoid ruining my day. But now we are then lucky enough because Caller Wiki is there to help us solve this problem. For everybody's information, caller wiki is there for the phone users to give the opportunity to expose who is on the other end of those annoying phone calls. Their system is set up to give users the ability to add or edit information about any number. To the phone users who have caller complaints you can really count on caller wiki and start making the action of this report callers to make your mind at peace and live peacefully ever after without those annoying phone calls.

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  1. I get them on my cell phone all the time for some guy named Rob. I get calls and texts. I think it's rather annoying as I have told these people over and over to just stop calling. GRRR


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