Monday, June 1, 2009

Setting the Clock Advance

This morning I went to the Public post office to get postal money order as my mode of payment to the embassy. I leave the house around 11:30 am; I know that I won't be able to reach the post office open if I'll just ride the public utility vehicle. So what I did was when I saw the taxi I call the driver right away and told him to be hurry heading to the post office. When I arrived at the place I immediately inform the money order in-charge that I need one. She answered me that the person in-charge is on leave and besides we're already closed. I look at their clock and it is 2 minutes to 12 noon but when I checked my watch, there's still 15 min. left. I was really upset. I told her your clock is advance, still not yet 12 in mine and the other lady also second the motion on what I said. My face can't be draw because of my mixed emotion at that time. Then the lady told me, the in-charge is on leave but you can get it in the next building but just come back around 1pm because we're already closed. I walk away going to the next building while she's still talking, I proceed right away to the next building and they are still open and still making transactions. Oh gees! Why there are many public workers that are not doing their job well? Why they need to set their clock advance? Why??? There are lots of why's walking around with them.

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