Tuesday, August 3, 2010

For Our Home Lighting Fixtures

We moved in to our place for a couple of months now but still I haven't replaced the old lighting style I had purchased before. Luck of budget is the reason why I stick to our old fashioned home lighting. All we have at the moment are purely bulb and really no a bit of art. How sad! But I am telling you it is only a temporary. I know soon we will be able to purchase our ideal indoor lighting like in the image below. Isn't it so lovely for your eyes? I saw it online and I can't take away my eyes from this very lovely creation. Someday it will be mine.

And for our master's bedroom, I want a lighting like this below. I want to put it near on our head board. Oh, help me guys because I am now daydreaming!

Finally the awaiting moment, the lighting to be put on our gate's post. Two items of below would be perfect. Frankly speaking when I saw all these home light fixtures at the online store a while ago I uttered the word PERFECT!

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