Monday, August 16, 2010

The Significance of BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator (Body Max Index Calculator) is use to determine your weight status whether you are overweight, normal, obese or underweight. You can simply do it by keying your body weight and height then let the calculator calculate to get the result in only a matter of seconds. The right after I calculated mine using Body Max Index Calculator I then realized that I dropped much this month compared to the last month. Actually it is expected because I am sick and I don't have the appetite to eat. I am becoming picky now.

Just for a brief overview, BMI was developed by Belgian scientist Adolphe Quetelet in the year 1869. So it was a long time already. So you want to know the result of your current weight status you better head yourself try this BMI Calculator. If you want to know also some tips on how to lose and gain some weight it is also the right place for you to see.

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