Wednesday, August 18, 2010

At The Hospital

My son was admitted at the hospital due to his flu. It is just a flu but I was wondering why the doctor took to long to diagnose it as it is flu. My son was having a fever which was rise and fall for 3 days since he is admitted there. On the very first day on his admission different lab test such as CBC for the blood count, stool exam and for urinary tract infection. And to know the result, I was so disappointed because why the findings that he has an slight UTI only found at the 3rd day of our stay. Why that long? Meaning they're too slow! But wait, who is slow? The chosen doctor for my son? Hmmm... It sounds correct.

Actually the hospital is a affiliated with the very known medical school in Cebu City which actually has more than 3 branches.

If you'll ask me if I'll go back there again, it depends if I'll shift my kids to another good doctor who is always alert and not always after of the money.

My poor son on his 1st day.

4th day

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  1. Hope your son is okay now. Uti is easy to diagnose. I hate this doctor..


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