Monday, April 13, 2009

The Plan

Summer is here in the Philippines and expecting the hot weather reaching to 34 degrees. We don't have the control of the outside temperature, so as much as possible we have to be more comfortable inside under our roof. It is really hot here in the Philippines during summer. People go to the beach to make their body cooler. Speaking of making our body cooler we are planning to get another air conditioning for the other room. Lately, we are just using an exhaust fan and 1 stand fan to make it cooler. Since it is summer, we experienced here the burning temperature of the room. So we came up with the plan of buying another air conditioning. In buying one we need to look for an expert installer to make it installed. As much as possible a known installer and referred by a friend to make sure that they are a good one and to have a good deal.

Since looking an installer would be our next step to do after buying an air conditioning, what I did was I already started looking. While talking to a friend I got a referral from her and check right away their background. Since they have a site so I did not find hard to do it. Boise HVAC-Air-Conditioning is the name that will handle the installation. They have professional contractor so I don't have to worry about the risk after the installation. I went through their website and gathered very useful data when it comes to this matter. So I really suggest you guys to visit the place and learn something new.

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