Monday, April 13, 2009

Foodie Goodie

Just want to share with you guys the photo below. The contents of the plate is a salted eggs with tomatoes, sliced green mango and the tiny pink colored shrimps. In Cebuano term the pink colored shrimps is called "uyap". If I'm not mistaken this kind of food is originated in the Philippines. Please just correct me if I am wrong. As Filipinos we love eating the contents of this plate in the photo below.

Being honest at first I don't like eating salted eggs because it taste like I am eating sand, but later on I already used to it. Before it taste like sand and now taste like I am chewing gravel. lol! Just kidding guys. How about you ladies and gentlemen, what can you say about the contents of the plate in the photo?


  1. waaah.. mangga... pahingi!!!

  2.'re correct! anyway I won 2nd of askms recipes contest at just remind you of the 1500 EC you sponsored..I check my EC transaction there's no Thoughts In Daily Living...If you send already may I know what name did you use?..thanks

  3. Kalami man ani sis oi..makalaway man..ako dri naa pa ku 2 pcs of green mangos..for tomorrow

  4. hi sis.. masarap yan ah! i like itlog na pula with tomato ^_^ miss ko yan... ang itlog na pula namin dito yun easter egg lang eh na kinulayan ng red food coloring ^_^


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