Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chowking Halo-Halo

Just few days ago we decided to dropped by at Chowking to get something for snacks. I decided to order their halo-halo petite without ice cream for my own. I am just wondering people because as far as I remember I did not get lots of ice in my bowl before, but few days ago mostly the ingredients on their halo-halo is crushed ice and less fruits. Well, we know that prices are always increasing but hopefully they won't serve someday a halo-halo with purely ice because that's not a halo-halo anymore. Try to take a look at guys in the photo. Anyway, mostly ice are already melting and less big ice left.


  1. That's messed up sis..kakaluka man pud ng almost ice ang ingredients...if ang price mahal..

  2. hi sister...ang halohalo naging sago con yelo hihihi ^_^krisis na din pati halohalo? pero namiss ko yan sistah last na kain ko dyan ng halohalo sa chowking last year pa...naging sago con yelo na pala?


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