Sunday, July 5, 2009

At Last...

I am glad that after those slow moments with Smartbro, it's now back to normal. Of course I am glad also because I can open more than 2 windows which I usually do every time I am online, to make things done earlier from adgitize, entrecard, my blogs and more. I'll be up in a couple of hours tonight dropping ec and blog hopping before going to bed. I have a busy day today but it was a fruitful day because I accomplished lots of things. In the coming days will be busy than before, but hopefully things will run smoothly for me to be fine. To all my visitors all I can say is enjoy life and thanks for dropping by.


  1. hi jov, saun paghimo ug badge? tudloi ko beh...

  2. Glad to know ok na ang connection. I had problems with smartbro pod couple of weeks ago. Makalagut kaayu, dugay pajud makontak ilang toll free number!

    Anyway, wishing you a blessed week ahead!

  3. Hello Hope, am here... And yeah, we should enjoy life while we're here and no to very seriousness because I believe that there'll be no one to get out alive (lol--kidding aside sis). Have pleasant week sis! I hope you all the best too! kisses!

  4. To All: thanks for dropping my dear friends. Big Smile to all of you.

  5. hello dear friend, i'll hope we've long time friendship...have a nice day too


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