Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tagging in the World of Blogging

Cacai tagged me. Well guys this is just for fun. Anyway, thanks to you my friend.

Here are the rules for this award :
1. Take a Photo of yourself.
2. Do not change clothes, do not trim the hair, the main image is to be captured.
3. Post a picture that is in edit.
4. Post this instructions.
5. Tag people to show appreciation to them that touch your heart because of their friendly attitude.

I just woke up when I took this picture and not even washed my face and combed my hair. he hehe! I decided to make it because I have lots of things to do next after this.

Now, I am tagging these wonderful creatures: Chelle, Rechie, Meryl, Yen, Austenfan, Tripzibit, Dhurianne, Tammy, Madz

Please grab it guys whenever your are free. Thanks. Have a great day!

Thanks to my first commenter:


  1. Nice snapshot. But, i'm already post this tag on my other blog here's the link

    I will add your name on it. Thank u my friend, have a great weekend

  2. hey, thanks for tagging me. :) will do it once my exams are over. thanks again!

  3. Hi Hope, thanks for posting the tag.. And you're still pretty even after waking up, me, nope heheh.. muahhugs sis..

  4. hi sistah..ganda mo pa din kahit bagong gising ^_^

    btw sis, im done with the tag...


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