Friday, March 20, 2009

Starting Today...

Hello friends, visitors and EC droppers aside from featuring here at the end of my post my first commenter, I'll be giving also free ec credits to the top 3 commentators. I'll not be mentioning if how much credits I'll be giving because it's a surprise. And not only that my monthly top 5 EC droppers will be featured here in my sidebar and of course with free EC credits also will be giving away. So hopefully you'll be one of them.

Thanks to first my commenter:


  1. Hi Hope, I hope one of them. heheh. I guess I am for sure. Hope so. Muahhugs my friend. Am happy to be here always... God bless

  2. Yey! This is great! You are so generous :)I want to participate here.

  3. Nice ideas you got here. I'm pretty sure this will be an exciting one.

    More power to you

  4. Yehey! am the star of this post! Thanks for the picture of my blog head Hope... God bless you more my friend..

  5. mmmm...nice, hope i'll be the one next


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