Friday, March 13, 2009

2009 Top 5 World's Billionaires

World is facing crisis as we know. Everybody is affected not only the poor people but also the wealthy or the billionaires. I have read that there are 1, 125 billionaires last year, but this year turned to 793 people. So if you are going to calculate it we can get a difference of 332. There's a big dropped, right?

Here's the list of the top 5 World's Billionaires:

1)William Gates III- with $40 billion, Microsoft/U.S.

2)Warren Buffett- with $37 billion, Investments/U.S.

3)Carlos Slim Hel- with $35 billion,Telecom/Mexico

4)Lawrence Ellison- with$22.5 billion, Oracle/U.S.

5)Ingvar Kamprad-$22 billion, Ikea/Sweden

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  1. Wow...what would you do with ALL that money?! If just a few of those people would give even a fraction of it to the poor or just small businesses...I really think the economy would probably pick up a little bit.
    I would just LOVE to have some of that though! LOL!

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  5. wow! would be nice if your earning that kind of money..Thanks for posting, it was very interesting


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