Saturday, May 30, 2009

Personalized Children's Plates & Placemats

As a mom it is inspiring seeing the kids started eating in a table together with the family. It's just like few weeks from the time I gave birth and now they are spending their time eating with us. What a nice feeling! My kids love to eat in a table with a very colorful plates and place mats. I am thinking of getting more personalized plates and placemats for children. For sure they will be happy seeing other designs in front of them while eating. I'm also thinking of buying toddler nap mats for them to use sometimes. Well for me as a mom of course I also need to get something for myself and guess what I am thinking to buy? I want personalized towel wrap to use everyday. So, why don't you reward yourself also by buying those personalized items at Posy Lane? It's not yet too late my friends to do it.

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