Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Globe's Poor Customer Service

Yesterday I went to SM Cebu Globe outlet to submit my application for landline phone so no need for me to use the PLDT sim card when making calls with limited number of minutes. Actually I am only using PLDT sim card this time and I don't like it because it is only limited unlike this globe new promo the P525. So what happened to me when I was there was, upon entering in that outlet I get first my priority number and wait for my turn. So while waiting I'm watching Mr. Bean's show because that's the movie they're playing. The people are busy laughing while watching it. You know Mr. Bean is really crazy. So when my number is called I directly proceed to their customer care and submitted the paper that was given to me by my agent. The lady in-charge wrote something and advised me to give it directly to the cashier for my payment. So of course I gave it right away after the other lady. When I handed it to the cashier, the cahier asked me, "Where's your priority number?" I simply answered, "the lady from the customer care told me to directly proceed here to pay." And the cashier answered, "you wait for your turn because I am calling numbers." I argue with her for a moment regarding that case. The lady from the customer care went to the C.R. so I can't make a complain to her for making me embarassed. I was murmuring and get another priority number for the cashier because I have no choice that ugly lady won't accept my payment. Well, in short while waiting again to be called I was looking around especially to their staffs. Allow me to say this, they have a very poor customer service. And their staffs are really dry, no proper grooming. hahaha! Globe huh what kind of employees do you have?

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