Monday, May 11, 2009

Lovely Bath Towel Wrap

A very busy person like me is always in a rush to do my personal things. Even taking a shower is always in a hurry, I usually use bath towel wraps like in the photo to wrap the body that needs to be wrap after taking a shower. I found this lovely bath towel wrap online and grabbed it right away. Their monogrammed towel wraps are available in different sizes from child-teens-adult and also in different colors. You have wide range of options to choose in there. They are not only selling bath towel wraps but also die cut stickers and coffee sleeves are available.

If you are fond of collecting personalized items, the store where I got my lovely bath towel wrap is the place for you to drop by and order any personalized items that you like. Enjoy the moment and I'll see you there soon.

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  1. this towel surely appears good. Haha. it makes me compare of how the way I do things to hurry. I'll visit the site.


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