Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What's Wrong With Entrecard?

After a long hours spending outside our home I decided to visit entrecard site right away to drop ec when I got home. But sad to say that I didn't able to make it, I attempt to get into the site many times but was failed. I am always excited to log in to entrecard because I am waiting for their approval to cash out my entrecard credits. What's wrong with Entrecard? After I decided to cash out my credits you won't let me in? hahaha! You entrecard huh, you're so funny.


  1. Entrecard is going through some troubles it appears, the site was down for a short period yesterday and their database appears to be down still today as nothing appears to be recorded, ie drops and ads etc.

  2. @Greg- Yeah you are right Greg, I thought I was the only one who experience it but many ec droppers too. I hope the admin can fix it soon.


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