Monday, May 11, 2009

Coffee Addict

Are you a coffee addict? How many cups of coffee you can drink in a day? Well, I seldom drink coffee, maybe twice a month and only if my mother can convince me to have some. Me and hubby are the same, we seldom have coffee only once in a blue moon. If you are a coffee addict like anybody else, and can consume 3-6 cups a day I think you need to get coffee sleeves. It is very useful when you drink coffee. Its main purpose is to keep your hands insulated from a hot drink while making a fashion and environmental statement about yourself. The good thing is you can get monogrammed coffee sleeves at your own choice. In the place where you can get the coffee sleeves it is available there also the personalized luggage wraps and keepsake school yearbook for you to keep as a souvenir in life.

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