Saturday, January 30, 2010

Be a NIMBZ Member

Anyone of you heard about NIMBZ? The acronym itself stands for Network In My Bigger Zone. It is general discussion forum where you can open a topic or discuss anything with other members in the forum. The great thing there is the forum is also classified in different subject like technology, lifestyle, entertainment and many more. So if you love discussing anything under the sun nimbz is the place for you to see. Of course for you to start posting a thread in the forum you need to register first like what others are requiring.

When I explored nimbz I was amazed with their features. The site has the members list where you can see the names of all the members who joined in the forum. In all the forums I joined so far nimbz is the only one I noticed that have this kind of feature and in alphabetical order. And not only that, they have also their banned user list so you will know if who are those banned people who violated the rules and regulations of the forum. So guys why don't you start registering and be a part in their team and feel like at home?

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