Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Newly Found Bedroom Set

As what I have mentioned in my previous post that I love searching furniture online. Even though I know that I can't afford to buy those expensive furniture I've seen on the web but nobody can't stop me from continue searching to what my eyes are wanted to find. It's not bad to dream and imagine the impossible things that are far beyond our reach. Anyway, for the latest update of my furniture search I found numerous bedroom sets but I really liked most the bedroom set below. Is the set doesn't look a good set to you? The set includes platform bed, 2 nightstands, dresser and mirror. Though this bedroom set is very much expensive for me but it's really made of good quality. In fact, it is an imported one from Italy. Don't you like imported stuff?

If you are curious about its price, well it is $6,495.00 which is equivalent to 292, 275.00 pesos in Philippine money. So what can you say? Is it a good deal or not? Actually there are more items with lower prices than what I've found but as what I have said this is what I liked most among among the other sets.


  1. That's a very cool bedroom set. I am usually more concern about the quality and design rather than brand. Fortunately, certain brands carries certain quality and design that matched my taste.

  2. @VanillaSeven- Yeah I agree with you. Quality and design rather than brand.

    Glad to hear from you and leaving some thoughts here.

    God Bless!


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