Thursday, January 28, 2010

Importance of Working Etiquette

How important to you this working etiquette just in case you are the employer or the business owner? But what if you are just an employee, how would you react being judged as no working etiquette because during working hours you are busy texting or calling friends? I employed 2 housekeepers at home with different responsibilities each. One is a phone addict who is always busy texting her friends instead of her work. I am hiring her to work with us not just to smile while looking at her phone. Of course we are paying her so no wonder if I'll get mad.

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  1. Agoy mao jud sis, maayo mn diay nga katabang ky dli mn motabang.. sge mn lang diay na^ og text og tawag.. agoy mora'g ikaw nmn nuon katabang nya sis, katabang og palit sa iyang bisyo... estoryahi sis, og dli matabang.. e-fire.. kaayo ba diay ana^ bajeha.. (:


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